Have you ever spent hours trying to get ready and not liking anything you have in your closet?

Do you often wish for an unlimited wardrobe because you're just so sick of your own?

you're not alone in this!


Hi there!

I have been obsessed with fashion since the first time I put my own outfit together and my mom told me I looked nice. I just loved how that sounded! That day I felt I could do anything and guess what? I still feel that way when I get myself ready each morning!

A lot of what I see in my clients when I first meet them is uncertainty. Whether in their clothes, their style, or just their general outlook on fashion. But getting dressed does not have to be so overwhelming.

When I think back to playing dress up at a very young age I don't remember the eccentric outfits I put together, what I remember most is the fun of doing it! 

I want that feeling for the rest of my life and I want that feeling for you as well. I want every day that you get up and get ready to feel fun and for all doubts to be eliminated.

My talent lies in recognizing what your strengths are and playing to them to help develop your personal style. Your wardrobe should help you redefine your success through fashion. That is where I come in!


After taking a few years to study Interior Design I decided that my love for the visual world is much more intricate and embarked on an adventure to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree specializing in Photography. It is during this time that my passion and flare for personal style really grew. I got to experiment with different icons of fashion and the opportunity to work with many great photographers on set.

I worked in the photography field for several years but something was missing. I decided that it was time to move into the visual merchandising and styling world to stay closer to my one true love: Fashion. During my work with a multitude of Toronto based retailers, I began a self-titled fashion blog. Soon after, I was styling not only photo shoots but working with teams and individuals one-on-one to help them get a sense of what their personal style is.

I find my work to be incredibly rewarding and I channel my past experiences into every session with a client. I often hear that I put people at ease when I work with them. That when we shop together or go through their closets it is as though they are getting ready for a glamour shoot. I cannot think of a more rewarding job to have!