fashion without hassle is the new black

Sometimes life just gets in the way of fashion, doesn't it? You feel you really need a change and would like to take the world on like a Girl Boss but you just don't have the time! Well guess what? I've built entire wardrobes based strictly online and can help you redefine your road to success straight from the comfort of your couch. You will not need to set foot in a store or wait in line at a cash register. Instead, you can grab a glass of wine and transform yourself! This is a four week program that includes personalized emails sent to you bi-weekly with options for outfits and links on where to get the items at the best possible price. There is no pressure to buy anything: you can either click to buy on any of the pieces you love or keep the guides as a reference for the future.

This package includes:

  • 1 hour initial consultation, colour analysis, and walk through of the favourite pieces in your current closet. We can either do this via Skype or you can send me some images through email
  • Online questionnaire so I can get to know some details about your lifestyle, budget, and personal preferences
  • 2 personalized style guides sent weekly via email for a period of a month. This takes you to 8 email guides with up to 40 complete outfit options in total
  • A complete 30 page Style Profile that will include: colour analysis, body type dressing tips, suggested stores, hair and makeup tips, accessory guides, and much more. You will receive this guide at the end of the month as a reference for future shopping
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